Top 5 Do Gooders of the Week | 1 | Good News Where No Good Deed Goes Unrecognized

Hi everyone, this week, I’m guest-blogging at FuzeUs, and thought I’d share what I wrote for them here as well. This is all about great people doing good

Hello Fuzers! Welcome to the first ever Top 5 Weekly Do Gooders! Every week, we’ll highlight 2 amazing people, 2 excellent non-profit organizations, and 1 brand that is going above and beyond to actually make the world a better place, and share their stories with you.

Get ready for an earful (eyeful?) of good news about great people doing incredible things!

1. Manny Pacquiao: Champion of the People.
Whether you paid $99 to tune in to watch the much-awaited “fight of the century,” or not, you’ve probably heard about Manny. His childhood was spent teetering on the brink of poverty in the Philippines, until boxing gave him a way to rise up and out of his circumstances. Not only has he become a world-class fighter, he has also become a congressman in his home country, hugely supported by the public. As many of us may have seen, the recent fight was the richest fight in history, with both fighters making well over $100 million. However, unlike his opponent Floyd Mayweather, who seems to be focused solely on personal prosperity, Manny Pacquiao has acknowledged his roots repeatedly in public settings. His ambition is to help the under-privileged majority of the Philippine population with his influence and wealth.

In fact, after the fight, he publicly declared that he is going to donate half of his nearly $100 million earnings to charity. Talk about a class act. He is working hard to help build up his home country to ensure that he will leave future generations with a better world than he had.

2. Ben Moser: Friends, No Matter What.
The second amazing person this week is Ben Moser, the quarter back of Susquehanna Township High School’s football team in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In 4th grade he made a promise to his childhood friend, Mary Lapkowicz, who has Down Syndrome. His vow was that he would ask Mary to prom when the time came. Sure enough, as the amazing and caring friend as he always was to her, he took her to prom as he’d promised.

Too many of us let another person’s single characteristic act to identify everything about them, without getting to really know them at all. These judgment calls can lead to huge misunderstandings within society, most notably in matters such as disabilities, mental illnesses, race, class, or any other sort of engendered differences that we choose to let ourselves be divided upon.

But Ben and Mary didn’t let that get in their way. After all, they had been childhood friends, and a promise was a promise. As Ben said, “Down Syndrome should never be a barrier to friendship and you should just be who you are, and do what is right”. Simple. Let this action be an example to how all of us can start acting today.

# 3, 4 & 5 were given to Haverford College,, and Facebook! To read why they made the cut click here to read it on FuzeUs!


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