We’re All So Guilty But We Can Be More

We always say we know better than this or that. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a personal situation or something we see in the news. We see something and we say to ourselves, “We should know better than this.

Sometimes we say “people” instead of “we” but ultimately it means the same thing. We mean “people,” but “we” in fact are the “people.” That’s why I’m writing this post as “we” because I know I’m just as guilty. I can’t escape this guilt, as much as you can’t.

And I don’t mean that when we see another report of a school shooting that every one of us is guilty of the crime. We’re not. But, “we should know better than this.” We should know better, as a society, than to keep letting these things from happening time and time again. When we see another article about a potentially racially steeped police brutality or incident, we say that “we should know better,” by now.

But we’re guilty of saying this thing like a mantra, at our TV’s, at our Twitter feed, aloud to ourselves or loudly in our heads. But what’s worse is that we do so little about changing.

If we should know better, and we know we should know better, then why aren’t we doing better?

How much more does society have to suffer before society does anything about it? We should know better, and we are all guilty of not doing enough and letting things stay (the way they shouldn’t), and we are all responsible for changing our own society. We need to change our guilty into something useful. In fact, all of us need to come together, and move from “knowing better,” to “doing better.” We need to own up to our own society.

It’s what this world needs and it’s what we have to give it.


One thought on “We’re All So Guilty But We Can Be More

  1. This highlights how important it is for every individual to develop the ability to discern God’s daily guidance to them — so they know what to do and how to do it as servants of God. Best wishes for your spiritual journey. ND of nomagicwandchristianity blog.


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